Prerequisites for Intra Day Trading

One important word for Intra-day Traders around the world

I want to say you a word before you try to explore this site to increase your knowledge on day-trading on your way to be a successful daytrader and have the life of your dream for yourself. You got to have tons of patience to make this journey successfull. If you are the kind of person who wants to see the result from the day one, I am sorry to say this, day trading is definitely not for you. Please step aside and do something else.

3 components essential for trading

Traders must be aware that they should work consistently on these areas to see the fruitful result within a year or so.
  • Good trade plan.
  • Strict discipline to follow the plan.
  • Strict following of Money management rules.
Yes, it takes years to be a successful daytrader. If this sounds something that you cannot afford, then please don't day trade and cause yourself untellable worries in your attempt to get rich quick.

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